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Do you know how valuable your geophysical data assets really are?

Exploration and production companies around the globe depend on geophysical data. And endless approaches exist for managing that data -...
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Our story

Dedication. Teamwork. Focus.

Tammy Weir started with a mission to make data easier to find. She saw the negative effects of unmanaged data stores and inconsistent processes across the oil and gas industry. Beyond the chaos of the data, and the ever-increasing costs of storage, Tammy saw the effects on people. People trying to do their jobs and coming across obstacles at every step. And that is when Tammy started recruiting experts in the field of data management to join her mission.

Exploration companies store decades of data and complicated corporate records, retaining significant volumes of historical data across various platforms. This results in rising storage costs, and data becoming more and more difficult to find. Essentially, aging media and unmanaged data makes your corporate records, geological data and geophysical data more of a liability than an asset. Weir Consulting is dedicated to reversing this trend and bringing value back to data repositories, and ultimately improving the work environment for your people.

With decades of experience, Weir Consulting works with oil and gas exploration companies to improve business processes and bring order to their repositories. Our well-defined, consistent and documented procedures improve operations and data governance well beyond industry standards. We even pass documentation audits imposed on our clients.

Weir Consulting fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and continual improvement, and this is reflected in the results of every project we work on. We pool our resources to mobilize the right team to focus on each data management challenge. We stand firm on the philosophy that if you fix problems with data, productivity increases and people are more effective at generating opportunities.

Skills and expertise

Our unparalleled team of experts bring an array of skills to data projects around the world. Our areas of expertise include warehouse auditing, seismic process auditing, risk assessments, scanning core from field, managing core shipments, streamlining data delivery, standardizing procedures, merging corporate records, managing records facilities, and everything between.

Our diverse, and often unique, mixture of skills address any data or workflow challenge. By networking our clients with products, services, skills, software and people, we bring the full scope of data-analysis and problem solving for improved operations.

Before the term “Big Data” was even invented, we were busy managing data projects and improving processes for exploration companies. And we think we’re pretty good at it.

Procedure and workflow development
Proposal and contract negotiations
Broker management
International solutions
Legacy data appraisals

Our mission is to provide excellence, support the customer’s goals and focus on continuous improvement.

-Tammy Weir

Founder and President

Meet our team

High-performing and dynamic geological and geophysical asset consultants

Tammy is an equivalent to a Renaissance woman, but in the business-seismic data management field… I have seen her succeed as manager, salesperson, consultant, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, mentor, and more.

-Irene Molina

Data Management Consultant, Halliburton – Landmark Software & Services

Strategic network

We understand the value of strong business relationships. Our network of knowledge and experience with others in the industry adds exponential value for our clients. Even our competitors are our business partners.


Serving exploration and production companies

Managing seismic contracts and resolving entitlements

Talus Technologies

Developers of Exploration Archives

Experts in seismic data management technologies

Ovation Data Service

Geophysical data services

Providing data management, storage and archiving services


Enterprise Information Management

Providing resources for implementing better business processes


Leading provider of IT staffing and services

Providing IT staffing, IT talent management and IT services

Flamingo Seismic

Full service data processing

Specializing in 2D and 3D land processing


Global geophysical services provider

Better decisions begin with Geokinetics

Paradigm Electronic Solutions

Electronic data discovery and professional services

Trust, quality and experience – these are the pillars of our foundation

ARMA International

Association of records managers and administrators

Enabling organizations to harness the strategic power of information

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