Our personal approach
Our multidisciplinary team works onsite to identify objectives, define procedures and manage complex data projects.

In-depth analysis of your data repository

We perform an extensive analysis of your data repository, both digital and physical assets, and provide a full report to give you a clear understanding of your assets.

Remediation projects and vendor negotiations

We have decades of experience with high-volume remediation projects, providing guidance and expert advice from developing proposal requests to managing vendors.

Custom data management strategies

We develop and implement custom procedures that improve operations, increase productivity and ensure quality assurance practices.

Full-service corporate records management

Understanding your business, and your data environment, is the first step to providing document storage, file management, backup and archiving services.

Weir Consulting has been instrumental in re-engineering and managing Anadarko’s geophysical data, starting in 2009. The partnership with Weir Consulting started with legacy multiple media type remediation projects in The Woodlands, Texas and London, England. This involved moving over two million physical items to be remediated and cataloged for online access within Anadarko’s firewall. In parallel, Weir Consulting started to manage all Anadarko seismic data digitally, applying Anadarko business rules, workflows and methodologies.

This quickly expanded to geoscience contracts management, seismic navigation quality control and scanning seismic headers to enhance the quality of the data catalog. Weir Consulting are self-motivated, always looking to improve Anadarko’s processes and provide honest and open feedback on opportunities for further improvements. With their industry knowledge and close attention to industry trends and changes, they provide excellent service and support to Anadarko’s ongoing Geophysical Data Management business.

-Richard Venn

E&P Data Manager, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Corporate Records Management and Auditing
We understand the challenges of gaining control of unmanaged corporate records. Let us do the research, administration, quality control, and documentation to secure and optimize your records.


Managing and retaining corporate records is a fundamental responsibility for every business. Weir offers a full suite of corporate records management services. We integrate an approach that supports your current goals, and anticipates for future growth, giving organizations a sustainable corporate records management solution.

Typical goals and objectives:

  • Comply with jurisdictional laws and regulations for document retention and protection
  • Comply with industry regulatory requirements for records management
  • Support business acquisitions and mergers
  • Reduce litigation expenses with fast records retrieval
  • Identify records management responsibilities


Weir Consulting performs various degrees of audits from verifying select procedure compliance to full scope audits of data inventory and procedures. Comprehensive audits begin with an assessment of data inventories, both physical and digital, to determine the volume, quality and type of records in store. We investigate storage systems and software for optimal performance, and assess the space and equipment in place for managing physical records. We evaluate existing procedures for creating reliable records and the influencing factors for record archiving versus destruction.

Proven best practices and standards provide a benchmark for evaluating existing corporate records management systems. With more than 35 years of experience, Weir Consulting provides a detailed report with recommendation for improvement in areas that include access and security of records, filing procedures records inventory and metadata, retention scheduling, training and monitoring, warehouse operations and use of space and equipment.


An effective corporate records management program includes procedures for collecting and creating records, capturing and scanning files, storing and archiving, and managing and delivering the records. As a member of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA), Weir Consulting creates corporate records management policies and procedures that are in compliance with information management and governance best practices.

We have the knowledge and experience to build a framework to help your organization provide effective and efficient service, to install cost-avoidance strategies and to meet regulatory requirements. To improve efficiency and productivity, we help implement records management software that has a robust user interface to maintain your corporate repository. Our procedures include strategic warehouse management practices that incorporate barcode technology and custom scanners to track movement of records.

Geological Data Management
Weir Consulting has expertise with projects that involve moving and managing well and core data.


In the energy industry, exploration remains a high priority. Weir Consulting manages and tracks the transportation of well cores to the laboratory, ensuring the integrity and quality of the column of the well formation material to provide you with accurate results. Using a rigorous chain-of-custody control for well cores in transit, Weir Consulting uses Exploration Archives™ data management software and the MobileMedia™ tracker to give stakeholders access to real-time updates of the core movement. From site to lab, the data entity synchronizes with the corporate seismic data repository to give you integrated information management.


Proper well log management will allow you to conduct predominant analysis of your data. Specializing in well logs, we receive raw data and upload the data from tape and image files to master data stores such as Recall™ Borehole data management software. While our team adds the associated metadata for archiving online, near-line or offline, you can focus on finding oil and gas and not worry about managing data.

Tammy elegantly combines her long experience in geophysical data management, team leadership and a focused customer engagement to deliver business process improvements that creates significant value.

-Frederick Mjema

E&P Data Management & Analytics, Devon Energy

Geophysical Data Management
Our consultants have decades of experience working with massive geophysical data repositories and associated warehouses full of media assets.


We work onsite with your existing staff or manage acquisition projects independently for your organization. Cataloging new geophysical data with precision is paramount to maintaining an effective and accurate data repository. Using well-established procedures to capture metadata right from the start sets the foundation for effective data management.


Identifying deficiencies and invalid, or inaccurate data, is just the first step. Addressing the issues and implementing governance strategies streamlines management and ensures compliance. For example, data that is no longer actively used is best suited for a cost-effective storage platform for long-term retention. Custom strategies for organizing, categorizing and archiving your data, gives you control and order, for faster and easier access.


Implement comprehensive entitlement, contract and permitting strategies to bring efficiency to project exploration activities and the sales process. Accurate licensing history and well-organized files minimizes the effort required to review the information. We use a holistic approach that combines the details from internal and external departments including legal holdings, regulatory, land and mineral permits, divestiture and acquisition, and accounting. Integrating entitlements and geophysical data management activities ensures full visibility of asset details, and faster access to the data.


Weir Consulting has experts for every step in receiving new items and processing data orders. We handle all categories of data including 2D, 3D, microseismic, gravity and magnetics, vertical seismic profile (VSP), and others – on all types of media. We coordinate and perform data verification, data extraction and scanning, cataloging, creating navigation, managing contracts, and performing quality control.

To track data circulation and storage, we incorporate scanning devices and the custom barcode technology of MobileMedia™. This technology ensures error-free barcode scanning, decreased labour requirements and optimized data retrieval. The automatic synchronization between your warehouse and your database ensures an accurate, real-time view of your repository. While tracking the chain-of-custody for internal and external media circulation, MobileMedia provides an instant update for full visibility of media location.

Tammy delivered one of the best workflow processes to Devon I have ever seen. The future of tracking Devon seismic data through the company is a poster child of how to get it done the right way.

-Cindy Bilyeu

Interpretation System Specialist, Devon Energy

Information Management Planning
Our information management planning and data warehousing strategies result in structure, control and organization with efficient movement of reliable and accurate data.


Strategies for information management is a major concern for oil and gas companies. Retaining and maintaining geological, geophysical and geographical data is vital to business operations and future exploration. An accurate assessment of information assets and processes is necessary to ensure appropriate procedures are in place for retention, maintenance and destruction of records.

As part of information management planning, Weir Consulting performs a thorough assessment of a company’s digital and physical data inventory. From reviewing the contents of a box to looking at the architecture of a database, we ensure a full understanding of your assets. We investigate the existing information management infrastructure, including datastore systems, technologies and warehouses. An assessment of the current practices, and interviews with the responsible parties, provide important details of a company’s information management requirements.


Our team of experts analyze the details of the initial assessment the technologies in place and the results of interviews to identify gaps in the processes, equipment and systems. Our full risk assessment involves analyzing each stage of the data lifecycle to determine aspects that impact decision making, data quality, and risks for alteration, deletion or loss. During the assessment, we focus on the current process controls and procedures to identify weaknesses and deficiencies.


A clear definition of your business objectives and priorities, and industry standards are the guiding principles of an information management plan. Our consultants have decades of experience and domain knowledge to present recommendations and develop a new approach to information management particular to your business. Our complete information management plan includes procedural controls, corrective actions, workflow changes, technology recommendations and cost estimates. To ensure successful implementations, we provide direction and documentation for program governance.

You should be working towards making your last process obsolete. If not, then you have a problem.

-Matthew Henson

Data Request Liaison, Weir Consulting

Procedure and Standards Development
Our passion for improvement is what drives us. Our approach to procedures is what defines us. We establish procedures and standards to optimize both human and data resources.


Fast and accurate data delivery is essential for your geoscience team and external clients. Weir Consulting understands the complexity of data requests and the potential scenarios that can complicate or delay deliveries, both internally and externally.

We perform a full assessment of your existing data delivery procedures and establish goals according to the various service levels your end users require. Based on our assessment and in collaboration with your team, we define the infrastructure and procedure requirements that best suit your business needs. We can work with your existing technology and applications or provide recommendations for solutions that will get data to your workstations faster. We aim to optimize data delivery while establishing procedures that maintain a precise record of data movement from warehouse to desktop.

Data repositories and warehouse inventories are always changing and evolving as your projects fluctuate. Managing disk space and anticipating future requirements is a key aspect of ensuring uninterrupted data deliveries. Weir Consulting establishes an accurate account of your current network and infrastructure, and then develops a scope for monitoring projected needs.


Policies and procedures define individual and team responsibilities required to manage and maintain the full data lifecycle. Clearly written procedures provide the guidelines to manage and control your data consistently, across various department and multiple locations.

Based on the core principles and objectives of your company, we collaborate with your team to create, or redefine, your procedures to ensure operational excellence. Our focus is to optimize resources, develop processes, write custom documentation and implement procedures that enable teams to perform better.

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